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For the cold seasons, Mugello is ready to warm up with special events and offer...

Click here to discover Autumn main events dedicated to chestnuts, truffles and much more

There are some fields of chestnut in Mugello where, by agreement, it is allowed to collect directly the chestnuts.

An hard work but you can stay for one day in contact with nature among the scents of the forest.

Below is a list of companies that allow the collection:

Comune di Firenzuola

Badia di Moscheta, Rifugio, agriturismo e Museo del Paesaggio Storico dell’Appennino
Loc. Moscheta
For collecting chestnuts talk with Laura 339 7297548 or with Corso 392 942 6537 (telephone to be used for both phone calls and whatsapp messages)
Museum open from Friday to Sunday  -
Possibility to trek to in the beautiful chestnut wood of Moscheta, visiting the chestnuts drying barns

Comune di Marradi

Agriturismo Badia della Valle  
Valle Acerreta, Loc. Badia della Valle
Tel 055 804824 - 328 8127597

Agriturismo La Casetta Maneggio Cavalli 
Via Borgo Casetta,10
Possibility to follow an educational path in the chestnut wood "Il sentiero nel castagneto"
Tel. 055 8045094 - 055 8042587

 Az. Agr. Bio Sulpiano Puntere
Loc. Badia del Borgo – Sulpiano
Tel 055 8056696 - 8045744 - 3287977237

marroni riccio marradi2Agriturismo Piano Rosso Vangiolino 
Via Piano Rosso – Biforco
055 8045345 - 3393610024 (Cristina)

Az. Agricola Podere Ravale 

Loc. Ravale – Campigno
Approachable by bus and campers. Possibility of activities with children.
cell. 339 4800952 -

Az. Agricola Vaiursole (castagneto a 2,5 km di distanza)

Loc. Vaiursole
Tel. 3356926512 - 055 8042363

Podere Villanova – Coop. Co.m.e.s. 
Tel 345 0934378 -
(only in the weekend: Friday, saturday and Sunday)

Casa per ferie Collecchio  
Via Palazzuolo, 21 - Loc. Collecchio
tel 055 19937374 - 335 5617768 -

Az. agricola Le Corti di Giotto
con sede legale a Bovino 12 (Vicchio)
Harvesting of chestnuts only in the chestnut wood of Marradi (in Loc. Caselle)
tel. 347 2108586

Comune di Palazzuolo Sul Senio:

Agriturismo Badia di Susinana 
Località Badia di Susinana, 36
La raccolta si effettua nei giorni di martedì, venerdì e domenica
Tel. 055 8046631

Agriturismo Bio I Monti 
Loc. Salecchio, 7
Tel. 055 8046850 - 335 8220111
Harvesting of chestnuts only for the guests of the Farm holiday.

Az. agricola Nonni Francesca 
Via Misileo, 43
tel. 055 8046819 - 339 7400092

Comune di San Godenzo:

MARRONETE LALLI di Gigliello Nicola 
Loc. Casale, San Godenzo
Via Forlivese, 46
Cell. 339 5704907
Facebook: Marroni San Godenzo

Az. Agricola La Castellina  
Via del Parco 4, San Godenzo
Tel. 3492941747 oppure 3403802473

Comune di Scarperia:

Agriturismo Marchi 
Via Castellana, 7
Tel. 055 8495481 - 347 0111339


Margheri Mill in Borgo San Lorenzo (in loc. Madonna dei Tre Fiumi - Ronta) organizes:
guided tour to the ancient watermill (only by booking) and sell autumnal products, during the month of October.
tel. 055 8403051 - 348 5515426

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